EMI/EMI Training:

Course Outline:

1) Introduction to EMI/EMC

  • What is EMI/EMC?
  • EMI Sources, Victims and Crosstalk Coupling
  • Radiation emissions
  • Conducted emissions

2. Methodology and Techniques of EMC analysis

3. EMI/EMC analysis- Area of interest

  • Clock
  • Power Section
  • High Speed Signals
  • PCB Basics for EMC compliances

4. EMC Analysis Vs EMC Test

5. EMC standards

6. EMC Analysis

  • PCB EM Field:
  • Significance of Resonance analysis over RE test.
  • Debugging issue and solution techniques.
  • Power Section
  • EMC issue in Power section.
  • Decoupling Analysis (Power Plane Impedance Analysis)
  • DC Drop/ Return Path Analysis
  • Ground Plane and via shielding effects
  • Clock and Signals
  • EMC Issues in Clock and signals- Crosstalk, SSN

7. Tips and techniques for EMC analysis on various Tools.

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