PCB Design Training

  • The course will cover all areas of PCB design including:
  • Understanding how a PCB is fabricated and assembled
  • How to construct your component libraries and use them effectively
  • Schematic creation and interpretation
  • Effective use of design rules and interfacing between schematic and PCB
  • PCB placement and routing techniques for various technologies i.e. RF, analogue, digital etc
  • Generating and understanding design documentation for board manufacture and assembly
  • By providing your staff with professional PCB design training, they will then have a better understanding of the whole product design cycle and this will lead to better
  • communication between the different design processes i.e., enclosure design, hardware design, schematic entry, PCB layout, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly.

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction of PCB:
  • Definitions of PCB
  • Introduction about PCB design
  • Introduction about PCB design tools
  • History of printed Circuit Board
  • Introduction to basic electronic components
  • Process of PCB designs


  • Starting a project
  • Working of design tools
  • Schematic drawing from circuit
  • Placing, editing, and connecting parts and electrical symbols
  • About libraries and parts
  • Preparing to create a net list
  • Creating a net list
  • Exporting and importing schematic data

Layout Design:

  • PCB Workflow
  • Footprint generation for SMD and Through hole components
  • Importing
  • Components placing
  • Details of layers
  • Routing guidelines
  • Routing single layer to multi layer
  • Copper Pour
  • DRC Checking
  • Adding reference texts
  • Gerber file generation
  • Hands‐On Labs : Throughout this course, extensive hands‐on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using PCB software. Hands‐on lab topics include:
  • Symbol Creation
  • Schematic Design
  • Create Padstacks
  • Cell (footprint) creation
  • PCB Design
  • Gerber Generation

Who can attend:

  • Fresh Engineering Graduates
  • PCB Design Engineers
  • RF Design Engineers
  • Engineers requiring a system level view of product design
  • IC Design Engineers
  • Hardware EDA Layout Tools :Allegro,PADS,Expedition,Orcad,DxDesigner

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