CPS Design offers a wide range of real time training classes that help you apply to enhance your skills. Our experienced instructors apply hands-on techniques that improve learning retention and on-the-job productivity.

1.Signal Integrity Training:

We do offer specialized Signal integrity training to freshers & working professionals.

Course Outline:

  • Basics of Electromagnetic analysis (as applicable to signal integrity)
  • Transmission lines & their effects
  • Reflections & impedance mismatch analysis
  • impedance concept (Z0 : single-ended & differential)
  • Crosstalk (near-end/far-end)
  • Switching noise (SSN)
  • s-parameter & TDR
  • stackup design, via design & quality routing concepts.
  • Signal integrity topology analysis & termination effect
  • Power Integrity basics
  • Target impedance design
  • decoupling cap selection and analysis
  • Hands-on simulation experience on DDR3 & PCIe
  • High speed serial/parallel interface analysis and design guidelines (DDR3, DDR4, multi-gigabit Serdes, PCIe gen3 & gen4, XAUI, HDMI, SATA, USB, chip-to-chip IO, FPGA IO)
  • Signal integrity & power integrity co-design SSN modeling
  • pre-layout & post-layout SI/PI analysis.
  • IBIS/IBIS-AMI based system level SI evaluation.
  • Routing studies, termination schemes, stackup design & analysis.
  • Trace (microstrip, stripline, CPW) & Via design for controlled impedance using EM solver.
  • Full-wave EM modeling of all kinds of interconnects (via, connector, end-to-end channel)
  • Crosstalk and s-parameter modeling of traces and interconnects on package and board.

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